AC Duct Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality is an integral part of the wellbeing of family andemployees in Dubai, a city where we spend more than 85%-90% of yourtime indoors. If neglected for a long time, uncleaned Air Ducts cancause serious ailments and respiratory diseases. In only a few months,your air ducts can build mould and mildew (fungi), harmful bacteriaand even house pests and/or rodents.Inspecting, cleaning, and sterilizing your air ducts every 4-6 months,ensures your respiratory health is safe, AC system maintained, andenergy consumption minimized. With BusyBees Dubai and Rotobrush thelatest technology for inspection, cleaning, and disinfecting air ductsensures all your HVAC components are cared for, cleaned andsterilized; Ducts, Coils, Drain Pans, Grills, Air PB Motor amongothers.Furthermore, we use antimicrobic mixtures to disinfect and sterilizethe ducts and its components preventing regeneration of bacteria andmildewsAfter BusyBees Dubai with Rotobrush clean your air duct and ACcomponents your will be care free knowing your Air Conditioning Ductsand System are; * Dust, Sand, and Allergen free * Disinfected and Sterilized (Odor Free – molds/bad smells) * Energy Efficient * Maintained and Ready

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