Handyman service

  • Our handyman service is for anything you might need in the house, starting from the simple replacement of light bulbs, to complex plumbing services.
  • The Handyman Service offers a scope of repair occupations that differ from power repairs to pipes, carpentry and transportation of things starting with one room then onto the next.  Handyman of any trade could finish numerous tasks within an hour.


Busybees can provide all range of quality facility Management including maintenance (AC and fixing and maintenance, plumbing, carpeting, Electricity works, HVAC systems aluminum works, all kind of paints, interior designing and construction work.


-AC and fixing and maintenance:

Installation, maintenance, and repair of any types of AC units split

-Plumbing: (250 EGP per Hour )

Our work covers all plumbing issues in kitchens, toilets, general building plumbing and lands

-Carpentry: (250 EGP per Hour )

General carpentry maintenance work for the house or office furniture and kitchens.      

-Electricity works: (250 EGP per Hour )

Installation, maintenance, repairing electricity, lighting fixtures and new and old electrical conduits and wiring.

-Cable and Satellite: (250 EGP per Hour )

Installation, maintenance and repair for your satellite and cable network.

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