Outdoor Cleaning
Service Code: 3601
Price: 25 EGP per meter

If you’re planning for a special event at your backyard or just feel it’s too messy and need professional cleaning, we are there for you to clean and disinfect your outdoor area like never before. We get you covered with the following & more

  • Pressure clean all types of decks; composite, wood, ceramic, natural tiles…etc
  • Touch up paint trim, wood, doors, and shutters
  • Clean outside door frames
  • Wipe away cobwebs
  • Shake out and clean entry mat
  • Clean grill & outdoor light fixtures
  • Wash outside windows (Ground Floor & 1st only)
  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Hand and gardening tools
  • Children outdoor toys
  • Garage and changing rooms: walls, ceiling, and floor cleaning using high-pressure machines.
  • Walls, baseboards, and floors: Cleaning and paint /glue/cement stains removal
  • Outer glass and Windows: Dusting, washing, and cleaning.
  • Outdoor areas dusting and cleaning with high-pressure machines.
  • All light fixtures fans, fireplace, and heaters cleaning and polish
  • Other Outdoor Cleaning Services

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