kolagra Bikini whitening cream

specific whitening agent for genital or sensitive area to control pigmentation due to shaving or polyester clothes with effect of hexylresorcinol, emlica extract, allantoin niacinamide ,lactic acid and vitamin B5 used for lightening whitening unify skin tone 

149 EGP

kolagra bikini whitening wash

specific whitening cleanser for genital or sensitive area to control pigmentation associated with severe sweating and bad smell with hexylresorcinol, emlica extract, arbutin

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Kolagra Advanced Eye contour with concealer

eye contour with medical concealer work  to treat puffiness, dark circle and wrinkle due to vasodilatation and enhancing blood circulation properties of vitamin K and liposomal caffiene and moisturizing effect of cucmber extract and whitening antiaging of vitamin C and collagen

139 EGP

kolagra foot cream with urea 10%

kolagra foot cream with urea 10% repairs, softens, soothes dry and cracked heels ,designed to protect your feet by preventing water loss ,and promote new cell growth .
 contains   10% urea recommended for treating skin conditions involving hyperkeratosis. Provide a sense of immediate relief , smoothing the skin of the feet .

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kolagra skin serum with gold particles

kolagra Gold 24 kerat slices with immediate glowing effect and very smooth due to gold and caviar extract which make skin look younger from 5 to 10 years kolagra gold help cell to function and get rid off wast product

349 EGP

kolagra hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid serum  help plump the look of skin and repair by replenishing the skin’s moisture barrier and activate skin renewal
skin immediately recovers bounce, suppleness and healthy ,fresh complexion. skin looks replumbed as if renewed.

250 EGP
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